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An Info play is an outsource for us in which we can better target the handles and bet percentages on several offshore books, The play(s) is then ran through a system which calculates all angles a game can be bet including weather, all road/home stat splits, history or players and teams and much more. Lastly we check the play with some online books and read the lines they made and where their lean to the game is. Statistically speaking these plays are the best of the best in quality.


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 1 Info Play

Get the Info Play for today Only. We back our Info Plays Strongly, if this play doesn't win, we'll continue your info play subscription until you make at least twice what was paid


 5 Info plays

This package will include a total of 5 Info Plays. You must profit with these plays or you pat nothing. Package length is set at a default of 2 weeks. If your 5 plays are met prior to 2 weeks package will void remainder of time. If you do not get 5 plays within the 2 week timeframe your package is extended. 



Get a Full Month of Info Plays. This Package has a Minimum of 12 plays with a guaranteed profit or a pro-rated credit will be returned to you. 



INFO PLAYS Stats Per Individual Sport
  Sport   Wins Losses ROI Win %
  NFL2   6   -1949.00   25 %  
  NCAAF17   12   1362.00   59 %  
  NBA5   6   -230.00   45 %  
  NCAAB33   33   153.00   50 %  
  MLB5   4   275.00   56 %  
  NHL6   5   683.00   55 %  
  Season Totals 68   66   294.00   51 %  

*Return on Investment (ROI) figure above represents profits
made based on a $100 per unit risk amount.


Past 30 Days Plays

  May 17, 2022   
    (MLB)   Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals
    PICK: Kansas City Royals -105 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  May 14, 2022   
    (MLB)   Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers
    PICK: Boston Red Sox -102 RISK 2 UNITS (WIN)
  May 13, 2022   
    (NBA)   Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors
    PICK: over 217.5 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  May 11, 2022   
    (MLB)   Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Angels
    PICK: Over 7 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  May 11, 2022   
    (NBA)   Golden State Warriors vs. Memphis Grizzlies
    PICK: Golden State Warriors -4 RISK 2 UNITS (LOSS)
  May 09, 2022   
    (NBA)   Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks
    PICK: Boston Celtics 109 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  May 06, 2022   
    (NHL)   Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
    PICK: over 6.5 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  May 04, 2022   
    (NBA)   Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns
    PICK: Phoenix Suns -6 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  May 03, 2022   
    (NBA)   Golden State Warriors vs. Memphis Grizzlies
    PICK: under 227 RISK 2 UNITS (WIN)
  May 02, 2022   
    (MLB)   Kansas City Royals vs. St Louis Cardinals
    PICK: Kansas City Royals 142 RISK 2 UNITS (LOSS)
  April 29, 2022   
    (NHL)   Colorado Avalanche vs. Minnesota Wild
    PICK: Colorado Avalanche 133 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  April 29, 2022   
    (NHL)   Calgary Flames vs. Winnipeg Jets
    PICK: Winnipeg Jets 114 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  April 28, 2022   
    (MLB)   San Diego Padres vs. Cincinnati Reds
    PICK: Cincinnati Reds -102 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  April 23, 2022   
    (NHL)   Carolina Hurricanes vs. New Jersey Devils
    PICK: Carolina Hurricanes -1.5 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  April 20, 2022   
    (MLB)   Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland Athletics
    PICK: Baltimore Orioles 114 RISK 4 UNITS (WIN)
  April 19, 2022   
    (NBA)   Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Memphis Grizzlies
    PICK: Memphis Grizzlies -6.5 RISK 5 UNITS (WIN)
  April 16, 2022   
    (NHL)   Philadelphia Flyers vs. Buffalo Sabres
    PICK: under 6.5 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  April 14, 2022   
    (MLB)   Washington Nationals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
    PICK: Pittsburgh Pirates -125 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  April 12, 2022   
    (MLB)   New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies
    PICK: New York Mets 125 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  April 07, 2022   
    (MLB)   Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St Louis Cardinals
    PICK: Pittsburgh Pirates 1.5 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  April 01, 2022   
    (NBA)   New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Lakers
    PICK: Los Angeles Lakers -1.5 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)
  March 31, 2022   
    (NCAAB)   Xavier vs. Texas A&M
    PICK: Xavier 5 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  March 28, 2022   
    (NCAAB)   Southern Utah vs. Fresno State
    PICK: Fresno State -7 RISK 5 UNITS (WIN)
  March 24, 2022   
    (NBA)   Washington Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks
    PICK: Washington Wizards 8.5 RISK 3 UNITS (LOSS)
  March 23, 2022   
    (NBA)   Brooklyn Nets vs. Memphis Grizzlies
    PICK: Memphis Grizzlies 1 RISK 3 UNITS (WIN)
  March 20, 2022   
    (NCAAB)   NC Wilmington vs. VMI
    PICK: under 149.5 RISK 4 UNITS (LOSS)

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